Polishing Mobile Sites with Validation Tools

Posted by Mike Brittain on September 13, 2008
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I’ve been cleaning up some details on the mobile interface for One tsp., specifically so that I can serve the site properly using application/xhtml+xml to browsers that can handle that sort of thing.  Unfortunately, that means that when things go wrong, they really break.

Mind you, the site seems to be working just fine as text/html in most browsers and emulators I’ve checked.  I’m using this more as an exercise to make sure that browsers I don’t know of, or are more strict on markup, can display the site in a meaningful manner.  I also want to avoid having the site mangled by a mobile proxy or transcoder, and I suspect that serving proper mobile pages will allow me to escape them.

To improve the site, I’ve been using the checker and the W3C mobileOK checker.  These tools are called “checkers” and not “validators” because they really strive to do more than just validate your markup.  They look for valid CSS and compliance with mobile recommendations and best practices (proper use of CSS measurements, HTTP caching headers, links to non-mobile content, etc.).

Both tools are worth checking out if you’re building a mobile site.

Any other tools you use that are worth a recommendations?

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