How to Setup a Web Proxy for the iPhone Simulator

Posted by Mike Brittain on September 04, 2008
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I have been trying to get a better view of how the iPhone makes use of certain HTTP headers.  When developing with Firefox, I usually turn on my Charles Proxy or enable a extension for watching headers, like livehttpheaders.  Fooling around with the iPhone simulator, I couldn’t find any obvious preference settings.  I also dug around with the “defaults” utility in OS X, but only came up with the following keys:

mikebrittain$ defaults read
"NSWindow Frame iPhoneSimulatorWindow" = "287 10 386 742 0 0 1280 778 ";
windowOrientation = 1;

So I took a closer look at Charles to see if there was a solution in there.  I was surprised to find that this is actually very easy to do.  Under the Proxy menu, there’s an option for Mac OS X Proxy.  Enabling that seems to make it possible to have all HTTP traffic proxied through Charles.

Are there other solutions I’m missing?

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