Future of Mobile (from Andy Rubin)

Posted by Mike Brittain on September 22, 2008
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An interesting article about mobile technology from Andy Rubin of Android fame.  A few interesting points:

it’s safe to say that the mobile phone may be the most prolific consumer product ever invented.

In comparison to computers that we may have owned…

The phone that you have in your pocket, pack, or handbag is probably ten times more powerful than the PC you had on your desk only 8 or 9 years ago.

I was in real awe when I got my iPhone a year ago (nearly to the day!) and remember tinkering with it on the subway.  At first I thought, “this is the most amazing item I’ve ever owned.”  I think that still holds true.  Nothing else does quite as much, in as small a case.

I also remember saying to a number of people, “if this is the phone I have today, what kind of phone will my kids have 15-20 years from now?”

Rubin describes some of his predictions.  Read on…

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How to Setup a Web Proxy for the iPhone Simulator

Posted by Mike Brittain on September 04, 2008
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I have been trying to get a better view of how the iPhone makes use of certain HTTP headers.  When developing with Firefox, I usually turn on my Charles Proxy or enable a extension for watching headers, like livehttpheaders.  Fooling around with the iPhone simulator, I couldn’t find any obvious preference settings.  I also dug around with the “defaults” utility in OS X, but only came up with the following keys:

mikebrittain$ defaults read com.apple.iPhoneSimulator
"NSWindow Frame iPhoneSimulatorWindow" = "287 10 386 742 0 0 1280 778 ";
windowOrientation = 1;

So I took a closer look at Charles to see if there was a solution in there.  I was surprised to find that this is actually very easy to do.  Under the Proxy menu, there’s an option for Mac OS X Proxy.  Enabling that seems to make it possible to have all HTTP traffic proxied through Charles.

Are there other solutions I’m missing?

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Lots of Dutch Visitors Using my iPhone Translator App

Posted by Mike Brittain on April 30, 2008
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I just wanted to say hello and thanks to the guys at iPhoneclub.nl for their coverage of the iPhone Translator app that I wrote last weekend. It looked like a good article, from what limited amount I could understand, and they even took a few nice screen shots of words being translated to Arabic and Korean.

I was surprised to find this week that Dutch users account for the majority of traffic to the app, and it appears (from web accesses to the home screen icon) that people are bookmarking it for future use.

Hartelijk dank!

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Translate Words and Phrases on Your iPhone

Posted by Mike Brittain on April 27, 2008
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Screen shot of iPhone TranslatorI’ve been working on learning Japanese over the last two years, and have been making a better stab at it recently. What I realized would be helpful is a quick translation tool on my phone from English to Japanese. I tried whipping one up with the Google Language API.

Try out this iPhone Translator in your browser or on your iPhone.

  1. Open http://m.mikebrittain.com/tr in your iPhone.
  2. Select a combination of languages you want to translate between, e.g. from English to Japanese.
  3. Bookmark the translation page for quick access when your out on the run.

I have a trip planned to Vienna later this year, and it would be really nice to have a quick German to English translation tool on hand. This would be promising if only I had an international data plan.

Other supported languages include Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Please try it out and leave feedback in the comments section below.

(Thanks to DryIcons for the icon I’m using on the site for iPhone and iPod Touch home screens.)

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