Microsoft’s Lost Vision

Posted by Mike Brittain on July 26, 2009
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John Dvorak has a great piece on MarketWatch right now about how Microsoft has lost sight of its core business.  He points out a number of great examples of how the company has chased after others in publishing, online networks, search, and music, while none of these areas have anything to do with Microsoft’s history and what it used to do best.  The Xbox isn’t mentioned, and while it might look like a separate business (gaming) I think it probably is pretty close to the idea of building an OS and tools for other developers to build for.  Not a far stretch from building Windows when you think about it.

Dvorak hits on all of the points that bother me about Microsoft.  Personally, I’ve felt that over the years I’ve poured a bundle of money into Windows and Office licenses (for personal and business use) and I can fathom that much of the profit that Microsoft has made on these purchases has been sunk into losing propositions.  And that makes me angry.