David Lee Roth Ringtones

Posted by Mike Brittain on January 16, 2009
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Can you spell, “awesome”?

So we’ve been playing around with the David Lee Roth Soundboard all week, and honestly, it might be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in the last few years.  I figured the best way to continue enjoying Diamond Dave’s amazing vocals after this week is out would be to take these on my phone… yup, as ringtones.  So, for your enjoyment, the links below are for m4r (iPhone ringtone) and mp3 files.  These ringtones all come from the vocal track for Van Halen’s Runnin’ with the Devil.

Download or Play Ringtones

Aahhaaaaahhhaaa yeeeaah whoohooooo ooo ooo m4r mp3
Aahaaahh yeah yeeaaaaah yeaaah yeah m4r mp3
Ooh god, oh god I’m running aaahhhh yeah m4r mp3
Oooooooaaaahh yes m4r mp3
Yes I aaaamm m4r mp3

Let’s face it… these are ridiculous.

How to use

For iPhone users, you should be able to add these to your phone by saving the m4r files, then importing into iTunes: 1. open iTunes, 2. select File > Add to Library…, 3. select the files from wherever you saved them.  Connect your iPhone and check the “ringtones” tab to make sure you are syncing ringtones from your library to your phone.

If you have something else, you might be able to use the mp3 files for ringtones, but don’t ask me how. :)

By the way, thanks to Chad for giving me a heads up on how easy it is to make these for iPhones, and “davak” for the tech recipe with step by step instructions.

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