Syncing Google Calendar and Apple iCal

Posted by Mike Brittain on December 05, 2008
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At long last, there is CalDAV support in Google Calendar so that it can properly sync with Apple’s iCal.  This has taken so long that I’ve pretty much moved completely into using Google Calendar 100%, and don’t even bother opening iCal.  In the end, that’s what I believe Google wants — total reliance on web-based apps.

In any case, the announcement was made a few days ago on Google’s Mac Blog.  There is a small app that Google is distributing for making the setup process super easy.  I’m going to give it a shot and see whether this will get me using iCal again.  It certainly would be nice to have this calendar available on my iPhone, especially when I’m somewhere that Google Calendar won’t load due to lack of network connectivity (which seems to happen pretty often for me).

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3 Comments to Syncing Google Calendar and Apple iCal

  • Yeah, started using Google Calender with Sunbird, works nice, but I’m still waiting for Google calender to add a todo list.

  • I was looking at this – I read some wierd reports that somehow this syncing this way would be one way or something. Or simply not as robust – I’ve been using SpanningSync which is a non-free little app that synced cal and contacts and have really been loving it – but I’d like to see how this works – don’t forget to report back!

  • I’ve been using Calgoo Connect for quite a while to sync multiple Google calendars with iCal then manually syncing my iPhone. There is an over-the-air iPhone sync app called Nueva sync that may be what you are looking for ( Combined with the iCal and Google calendar sync, Nueva sync should make for a Mac, Google, iPhone calendaring trifecta. I’ll be trying it out soon myself.