Amazon Is Launching a CDN

Posted by Mike Brittain on September 18, 2008
Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services is about to launch what appears to be a globally distributed delivery network for content stored in S3.  Details have just been released today about the new service, which looks to work in conjunction with existing S3 content… which is niiiice.  New domain names are handed out through an API, which presumably will CNAME to a node that is geographically close to the end users POP.

This should continue to heat up the CDN industry, which has already become quite competitive with a number of small players who have come on the scene over the last 2-3 years to challenge the big fish, Akamai.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Akamai for deliverying Heavy’s content in the past, and can say that they set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by providing a wider range of products than just content delivery.

I’ve used S3 as an origin server to other CDNs in the past, and look forward to seeing how their own delivery network compares in speed, latency, and pricing.  On the surface, this looks amazing for start-ups and other small online businesses who may not be able to afford a large contingent of vendors.  My suspicion is that the pricing will be incredibly competitive, and look forward to seeing actual numbers.

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