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One What? One Watt!

Posted by Mike Brittain on October 16, 2006
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Ars Technica is carrying a story about cutting the use of standby power on electronic devices. It’s a very practical step for people (read: everyone) to take to reduce energy need and cost.

This story comes a few days after another story that interested me about the increasing use of home wind turbines in Britain. There are always two sides to this equation — how can you increase your use of renewable energies, while also reducing your energy requirements?

In my own home, I must admit there is not a lot I’ve been able to do. I looked around our small apartment for any stray power cords that were unused, turned off another stereo component (which was already on standby), and expect to turn off my computer tonight… and hopefully more nights in the future.

With my “constantly connected” lifestyle, I have a hard time waiting for my Mac to boot up, no matter how quickly it moves.