Refresh NYC

Posted by Mike Brittain on May 03, 2006

Last week, I got together with a few co-workers (Sean, Wil, and Tim) for the inaugural meeting of Refresh NYC. As part of the Refreshing Cities movement (for lack of a better term), we’re simply trying to get some people in the web design and development industry here to get together to socialize, network, and talk a little shop.

We met up in Brooklyn for the first meeting, and immediately started discussing how we should not do that next time. Obviously, people who work in the metro area converge from CT, NJ, and NY. Holding a meeting in Brooklyn might put out those from Jersey who are going to have to schlep back across two rivers.

We also made a nearly unanimous decision that meeting any more frequently than once every three weeks will cut into everyone’s personal lives, so the next event will probably be sometime between May 15th and May 25th.

Finally, we’ll plan to give a little more heads up in the future.

We hope to get a few more people involved. If you’ve got thoughts or ideas, please post them at Refresh NYC.

2 Comments to Refresh NYC

  • Nearly unanimous? My humble opinion counts for at least two people.

    I’d really like to find a place like Abeline’s to hold meet-ups – especially somewhere with outdoor seating if we’re starting this in the summer months.