A PHP Reading List, from IBM

Posted by Mike Brittain on March 17, 2006

IBM’s developerWorks web site has published a reading list for PHP which spans from overview and getting started topics to more advanced issues like security and integration with third-party resources. Much of the list is self-serving — a great number of resources are articles published on developerWorks, and are specific to Cloudscape, Derby, and Apache (IBM products, or IBM-supported products). These are great articles, though it should be recognized that they tend to lean developers in the direction of products backed by IBM.

The rest of the list, however, covers some real gems from other sites. I will give great credit, here, as there are quite a lot of sites with PHP content, through not many that have as well-edited material as developerWorks. This list filters out a lot of the cruft. Unfortunately, only one article was cited from onLamp’s PHP resources. Along with developerWorks, onLamp is another of my favorite sites to read for development-related material.

Finally, a wrap up includes a list of blogs, presentations, and authors who are central to the development and evangelism of the PHP language. It’s nice to see many of these names represented.

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