Returning from Baldface Lodge

Posted by Mike Brittain on January 29, 2006
Skiing and Snowboarding, Videos

I just returned from my annual snowcat skiing trip in British Columbia. The snow was insane. Chi-Chi was able to join us this year at Baldface, hanging out on the snowcat, hiking, and relaxing at the lodge. I met a fantastic group of skiers and snowboarders from New York, Connecticut, California, and Hawaii.

I have posted some photos and video from the trip for your enjoyment… or maybe just mine.

6 Comments to Returning from Baldface Lodge

  • I’ve been researching a BC or AK snowcat trip (1st time) for next year and came across your blog. How much of the terrain at Baldface is above treeline/alpine? Have you snowcat skied elsewhere? Recommendations?
    Hope this isn’t a bother. Thanks, Dan

  • I’d suppose about 1/3 of the terrain I’ve skied at Baldface is above treeline. There are a lot of runs through trees, as well as open powder fields and forested cut-blocks that are skied as well. It’s certainly not glacier skiing, or all open bowls. I’ve been to Baldface 5 years running, and the terrain has been interesting enough, along with a great staff (!) to keep me coming back. My suggestion for any expert skiers or snowboarders planning to go to ask for an expert-level group when making a reservation.

    I have not been to any other operations. I’ve heard a lot of reviews (positive and negative) of others, but don’t remember each off-hand.

  • Yes. We were up in late February of this year, and by the end of the trip, somewhere over 1/2 of the guests got sick. As we were leaving, the health inspectors were coming in to review everything that Baldface was doing to clean up.

    As far as I understand, they have had several people in to help them out with managing the cleanliness at the lodge and are implementing plans to prevent the same problems in future years. Baldface posted an update on the front page of their site this week about the virus. It will likely show up in the news section of their web site in the future.